Tatiana Soldatova is an interior design, professor, entrepreneur and Partner at Syllable, a Toronto architecture and interior design firm producing workplace, retail and residential designs. What makes Tatiana different from your typical designer is that she has a long, illustrious and varied resume that belies her highly strategic approach to solving any and all problems.

I wanted to interview Kelly to discuss her take on the place of women within the profession and what she has done to carve a spot for herself in this industry, while overcoming the challenges that being a very young, dare I say precocious designer bring in a field where careers are rarely taking off before the age of 40.


About the podcast: Single Serves is a podcast where we interview experts on single issues of interest to architects and designers. The thought-provoking ideas shared here are intended to inspire our listeners to become well-rounded entrepreneurs who are the leaders of their field.

Credits: Produced & edited by Révélateur Studio, ©2021

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